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Canada Top 75 Car Sales By Model : 2015

A Ford making its escape. It came 5th in 2015 

Sales were up 2.5% so a nice mix of green (up) and yellow (down) on the chart below. Passenger cars were down 5.7% showing a global tend away from the traditional shaped vehicle. The locally made Honda Civic was the best selling car for 18 consecutive years. That's loyalty. SUVs proved increasingly popular. The F-Series was top for the 7th consecutive year, although down slightly in 2015.

If you want know more in detail on the Canadian market, go to Good Car Bad Car, the basis of this list.


1Ford F-Series118,837126,277-5.9%

2Ram Pick Up91,19588,5213.0%

3Honda Civic64,95066,057-1.7%

4GMC Sierra53,72748,04611.8%

5Ford Escape47,72652,198-8.6%

6Hyundai Elantra47,72250,420-5.4%

7Toyota Corolla47,19848,881-3.4%

8Dodge Grand Caravan46,92751,759-9.3%

9Chevrolet Silverado46,40741,95910.6%

10Toyota RAV442,24636,63915.3%

11Honda CR-V38,96137,6843.4%

12Nissan Rogue35,84128,82724.3%

13Mazda 334,81140,974-15.0%

14Chevrolet Cruze31,95834,421-7.2%

15Jeep Cherokee31,83322,52941.3%

16Volkswagen Jetta27,71931,042-10.7%

17Hyundai Santa Fe Spt26,68527,580-3.2%

18Dodge Journey25,64624,7153.8%

19Mazda CX-522,28119,92011.9%

20Ford Focus21,10122,392-5.8%

21Jeep Wrangler20,88023,057-9.4%

22Volkswagen Golf20,51512,18468.4%

23Chevrolet Equinox19,76619,5591.1%

24Hyundai Accent19,37123,173-16.4%

25Toyota Camry16,80516,0294.8%

26Ford Edge16,58017,940-7.6%

27Hyundai Tucson16,36211,85638.0%

28Ford Fusion15,78118,472-14.6%

29Ford Explorer15,61512,67723.2%

30Nissan Sentra14,94015,021-0.5%

31Honda Accord14,46516,962-14.7%

32Kia Sorento14,37213,9822.8%

33Toyota Sienna13,98111,59620.6%

34Hyundai Sonata13,49713,645-1.1%

35Kia Soul13,3359,94434.1%

36Subaru Forester12,70612,3023.3%

37Nissan Micra11,9097,81552.4%

38Toyota Tacoma11,7729,97318.0%

39Jeep Grand Cherokee11,60513,150-11.7%

40Volkswagen Tiguan11,45910,09613.5%

41Subaru Impreza11,42610,15712.5%

42Kia Forte11,37811,867-4.1%

43Honda Odyssey11,27211,480-1.8%

44Chrysler 20010,96111,655-6.0%

45GMC Terrain10,84411,524-5.9%

46Toyota Tundra10,8299,76910.9%

47Toyota Highlander10,4129,7496.8%

48Nissan Murano10,1284,706115.0%

50Subaru Outback9,9928,68815.0%

49Mercedes-B C-Class9,9927,05441.7%

51Nissan Pathfinder9,8989,6882.2%

52Kia Rio9,76114,458-32.5%

53BMW 3-Series9,59010,086-4.9%

54Jeep Patriot9,3725,95957.3%

55Chevrolet Malibu9,2038,24611.6%

56Nissan Versa9,12013,314-31.5%

57Honda Fit9,08811,732-22.5%

58Town & Country9,0018,9440.6%

59Honda HR-V8,959

60Ford Transit8,7676621224.0%

61Subaru XV Crosstrek8,4226,92221.7%

62Honda Pilot8,2306,11334.6%

63Audi Q58,2037,8624.3%

64Toyota Yaris8,1968,530-3.9%

65Chevrolet Trax8,1568,533-4.4%

66Acura RDX7,3806,55712.6%

67Nissan Altima7,2939,475-23.0%

68Lexus RX7,0637,913-10.7%

69Ford Mustang6,9335,60523.7%

70Mazda CX-36,861

71GMC Savana6,8096,6442.5%

72Hyundai Santa Fe XL 6,5614,89434.1%

73Kia Sportage6,5096,0258.0%

74GMC Acadia6,4525,9738.0%

75Buick Verano6,3607,161-11.2%

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