Saturday, 29 April 2017

Car Production In Germany By Brand : 1965-69

An advanced car for its day that was a flop on the sales front

Production continued it's upward trend in Germany through the late 1960's. VW was accounting for half of the volume and GM Opel not far off a quarter. Ford managed to produce less units surprisingly. Mercedes was increasing consistently and NSU released the technically advanced Ro 80 model in 1967. Sales were poor, as was its reliability and the now struggling NSU was taken over by VW in 1969, merged with Auto Union.

BMW was now on a roll and no longer the 98 lb weakling it had been for so many years. Auto Union was making a come back while Neckar's Fiat cars were meandering. In 1966, BMW bought Glas and benefited from both technology and skilled engineers.

Add three zeros to the figures below to get the total production number.


Summary: Increases in production volumes continued and the brands that would take the industry forward were taking shape.

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