Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Chrysler Production (Nation) : 2015

The Chrysler 200 is to go

This company lacks global presence. Four countries provided the vehicles in 2015, with China added in 2016 but too late to make the list here. Total production volume was up +5%, which was impressive. The 3 million hasn't been broken since at least back the the year 2000.

USA. It contributes 61% of the total, based around trucks. Volume was up 8%. No one model made a big difference.

Canada. Numbers were down 14%, the lowest since 2011. The Town & Country and Grand Caravan were both down while the Charger did OK.

Mexico. With units produced up 18%, that was the highest total since the year 2000 at least. It's all trucks, based around Ram and the Journey.

Italy. Only in its second year, the facility ramped up production by 172%. Its all about the Renegade and a reason for Chrylser's strong production year.







Summary. While the figures look good, talk around about FCA isn't as positive. The Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart cars are being dropped. Numbers made for each respectively in 2015 were 182,000 and 98,000, both made in the US. They were probably not making much money, unlike the truck side of the business. I think a partnership with someone to make cars for them could be a cost effective option.

The Dodge Journey is trucking on 

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