Friday, 21 April 2017

Compact Premium Comparison

People love head to head comparisons, then checking to see which model won. The fact is the conclusion is an opinion. Another tester could come up with a different result. However, if a model consistently wins in various shoot outs, then it must have something special. Of course, there is nothing like taking the time to try them yourself and finding out what is best for you.

With that proviso, I was reading the April 2016 Wheels magazine from across 'the ditch' (otherwise known as the Tasman Sea) of the comparison that the title alludes to. The cars involved were the new Audi A4 2.0 TFSi Quattro, BMW 330i M Sport, Jaguar XE 2.5t, Lexus IS200t and Mercedes-Benz C250. So how would this august publication rank them?

5th: Lexus IS200 6.5/10. 

+ Refinement, build quality, equipment.
- Thirsty, slowish, poor transmission.

4th: Mercedes-Benz C250 7/10.

+ Perky engine, good overall balance.
- Power deficit, ride, coarse engine.

3rd: BMW 330 7.5/10.

+ Engine, stance, build, pace.
- Ride, dated.

2nd: Audi A4 8.0/10.

+ Interior,build quality.
- Looks the same as the last model, ride.

1st: Jaguar XE 8.5/10. 

+ Looks, chassis, engine.
- Average cabin, rear seat packaging.

Summary: As stated, each person has something they feel is a necessity or conversely a deal breaker in a car. Anyone could test these vehicles and come to a different conclusion. However, I would concur with the decision as the Jaguar excites me, in a way the others simply do not. 

Excellent from behind the wheel, the benchmark for driving pleasure

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