Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Croatia Top 20 Car Sales By Model: 2015

The chart below shows the ranking, model, 2015 sales, 2014 sales and increase or decrease. There were some striking increases, the Renault Clio in particular. It would have been nice to have more to show but this is all Autonet releases. better than nothing.

1Volkswagen Golf1,9391,8614.2%

2Opel Astra1,5481,40710.0%

3Renault Clio1,52884481.0%

4Škoda Octavia1,3992,028-31.0%

5Volkswagen Polo1,3741,557-11.8%

6Volkswagen Passat1,21371769.2%

7Opel Corsa1,0831,394-22.3%

8Ford Focus1,00566650.9%

9Dacia Sandero96551188.8%

10Kia Ceed85756950.6%

11Škoda Rapid8428173.1%

12Seat Leon64741157.4%

13Peugeot 208642648-0.9%

14Škoda Fabia641319100.9%

15Dacia Duster62331299.7%

16Volkswagen Up619777-20.3%

17Ford Fiesta600693-13.4%

18Suzuki Vitara5660n/a

19Peugeot 308545587-7.2%

20Mazda 3505546-7.5%



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