Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Dacia Car/LCV Sales By Model : 2015

The Dacia Dokker Stepway

Some Dacia model sales are under Renault. Those that do wear the Dacia logo are listed below. In 2009 311,000 cars were sold and in 2015 over 550,000. Clearly sales have been improving nicely. The Sandero accounts for about a third of them. For 2015, each Dacia model recorded an increase, for a total rise of 7.7%.

How the brand will maintain its forward momentum will be interesting. The new Oroch pick up truck will be sold in Latin America as a Renault just as other Dacia models are in that region. If it comes to Europe, then Dacia would surely be the logical way to market it.

Dacia is a European brand, much of the region is highly affluent and now used to better quality as a standard. I'm not sure there is much more growth for this budget brand. I would imagine customers of lower priced brands will keep their cars longer than average. Clever additions in the model range will be needed to keep the interest up and maximise sales potential to the full.









Data source: Renault Group.
Dadia Logan MCV. Basic, pratical transport

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