Tuesday, 18 April 2017

DS (Posh Citroën) Car Production By Model : 2015

The DS5 model

PSA have a desire to tap into the more lucrative premium segment with the DS range, which is for now at least a posh range of Citroën models. Initial reaction is muted, as can be expected in what is a conservative area of car buying. Brand cachet is everything and it will take years for DS to reach bona fide premium status.

DS commenced in 2010 and became a stand alone brand in 2014. Production peaked in 2012 with 129,000 units made but for 2015 just 103,000, that despite the range going from three to four models*. PSA will have to be patient as they strive to build the brand perception to the level of genuine premium vehicles.

*The fourth model -  the DS6 SUV - is a China only model.







Picture source: Netcarshow.
Data source: CCFA.

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