Friday, 21 April 2017

Ford NZ Car Sales By Model: 2014 - 2016 Jan-May

There was a time that the LTSA would provide data for sales by model in NZ. They were late in providing it for 2014 so I asked by email when it could be expected. I was told soon, but then the story changed to they were changing how they did it. In reality that meant no data about models anymore. Nothing.

By scratching around I have picked up some data for the bigger selling brands, Ford being one. I haven't asked Ford NZ for data as I just don't see that going too far. The list below isn't necessarily the top models, but generally is the best selling.

The 2016 figure is not a full year as you would expect. The new Mustang is so far doing very well. So are total sales of 8.4% of the NZ market. That will probably drop slightly by year's end but it should end up being an improvement on 2015's 6.4%.

It should be noted that these figures exclude pick up trucks, which are classified as commercial vehicles. Ford's best seller is the Ranger pick up, over 3,000 already sold this year and well ahead of any car it sells.





For Ford NZ 2001-11, please click here.

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