Wednesday, 26 April 2017

France Top 50 Sales By Model : 2015

The Peugeot 308 comes second in this beauty contest

I thought I would use colour to see where models that sell well come from. Light blue highlights French brands and Dacia, which is French owned and sells well partly because of that fact. The Top 10 are French! Not really surprising, despite my use of an exclamation mark. Twenty four in total.

German brands are yellow, 11th is where they start. Not many are near the top but the majority of models below 30th are German. For the list twelve in total.

The U.S.A. (dark blue) has one model in the Top 20, with three Ford and two Opel models making up the five that make the list.

Finally Asian models (salmon) also make up five models. Toyota have three and Nissan two. They are all made in Europe, as are the U.S. ones. It would seem every model here is Euro sourced.

1Renault Clio IV 108.408

2Peugeot 208 90.367

3Peugeot 308 75.474

4Renault Captur 72.191

5Peugeot 2008 63.204

6Citroën C3 56.383

7Renault Scénic 46.662

8Renault Twingo III 45.328

9Dacia Sandero 45.264

10Citroën C4 Picasso 44.608

11VW Polo 42.995

12Renault Mégane 41.511

13VW Golf VII 34.857

14Dacia Duster 34.501

15Peugeot 3008 33.648

16Toyota Yaris 29.266

17Nissan Qashqai 27.822

18Citroën C4 25.189

19Ford Fiesta 24.839

20Fiat 500 22.908

21Peugeot 508 21.732

22Renault Kadjar 21.069

23Opel Corsa 20.830

24Citroën C4 Cactus 20.567

25Opel Mokka 18.270

26DS3 16.827

27Nissan Juke 16.278

28Citroën C3 Picasso 16.094

29Peugeot 108 16.042

30Audi A3 15.727

31VW Tiguan 15.490

32MINI Hatch 15.154

33Toyota Auris 14.460

34Citroën C1 13.941

35Peugeot 5008 13.698

36VW Passat 13.274

37Mercedes Clase A 12.414

38Fiat 500X 11.644

39Renault Espace 11.025

40Audi A1 10.985

41BMW Serie 2 10.760

42Ford C-Max 10.487

43Renault ZOE 10.407

44VW Touran 10.144

45BMW Serie1 9.966

46VW Golf Sportsvan 9.679

47SEAT Ibiza 9.673

48Toyota Aygo 9.633

49Mercedes Clase C 9.305

50Ford Kuga 9.069

Data source: CCFA & Autonocion.

The Citroën C3 came in 6th

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