Thursday, 27 April 2017

Hyundai Korea Plant Sales By Model : 2015

Thirteen models of the nineteen Hyundai made in 2015 are manufactured in Korea, seven exclusively. The models not made in Korea are specific to regions of the world. A total of 34% of Hyundai plant sales emanate from Korea. There are two car plants in Korea. Ulsan (cap 1.6 million) and Asan (260,000). The Ulsan facility is the largest car plant in the world. 

The perception may persist with some that Hyundai is a maker of value for money cars. Hyundai has worked hard to make a quality product to match the best of mainstream car manufacturers and get away from any budget connotation. I would say they they achieved their objective but continuing the move upward will get harder.

Of course the logical route is to spin off a new luxury marque, distancing it from Hyundai. They will do that with the Genesis model becoming a range of premium cars. That will be a long road in itself because the higher end car market is all about reputation and history. I'm sure Hyundai will be patient.

Model2015% total



Sante Fe236,56461%

Tuscon / ix35217,72337%

Sonata / i40205,46042%






Equus / EQ9008,345100%

Genesis Coupe7,918100%

Vera Cruz2,949100%


Data source: Hyundai Motors.

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