Thursday, 27 April 2017

Ireland Top 50 Car Sales By Model : 2015

Sales were buoyant in 2015 in Ireland, so a deficit in sales was not that common. Models that actually decreased are highlighted in yellow and as you can see, it isn't that prominent a colour in the list below. Blue shows increase but less share of total sales and a fair few came under that classification. Green is those up in sales and share. Only one model in the top six actually gained market share.


1Volkswagen Golf5,51924.8%

2Ford Focus4,24812.0%

3Nissan Qashqai4,1629.4%

4Škoda Octavia3,88737.4%

5Toyota Corolla3,47415.5%

5Ford Fiesta3,47411.4%

7Hyundai iX353,42930.2%

8VW Passat Saloon3,16460.9%

9Toyota Yaris2,84038.5%

10Kia Sportage2,58933.6%

11Ford Mondeo2,497149.0%

12Toyota Auris2,48221.6%

13Volkswagen Polo2,14420.1%

14Opel Astra2,09918.7%

15Opel Corsa1,92849.1%

16Hyundai i301,87317.8%

17Renault Clio1,8575.0%

18Nissan Pulsar1,8211739%

19Toyota Avensis1,81923.7%

20Opel Insignia1,807-6.1%

21Dacia Duster1,79511.6%

22Dacia Sandero1,729103.2%

23Toyota RAV 41,71940.8%

24Hyundai i401,69121.8%

25Nissan Note1,63760.0%

26BMW 5 Series1,5943.4%

27Renault Captur1,56441.2%

28Hyundai i101,50092.3%

29Hyundai i201,494144.9%

30Škoda Fabia1,34887.2%

31Audi A31,32730.6%

32Volkswagen Tiguan1,31223.8%

33Nissan Juke1,29589.1%

34Renault Fluence1,28818.9%

35Nissan Micra1,26821.2%

36Audi A61,18937.9%

37Škoda Superb1,105-3.7%

38Volkswagen Jetta1,08721.6%

39Opel Mokka1,05816.1%

40Audi A4993-1.7%

41Seat Leon90612.1%

42Peugeot 200888672.4%

43Renault Mégane88126.6%

44Seat Ibiza8739.3%

45BMW 3 Series869-12.8%

46Hyundai Santa Fe83737.4%

47Kia Cee'D744-3.1%

48Škoda Rapid718-5.5%

49Honda Civic70910.8%

50Peugeot 208680-5.8%

Data source: BeepBeep.

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