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Italy Top 100 Sales By Model : 2015

The Lancia Ypsilon came in an impressive 3rd with nearly 56,000 units sold

Sales are recovering and Fiat are doing well. The car market seems to have outperformed the economy, which is quite common at the moment. Perhaps poor new car sales for some time has created a pent up demand. An increase in the total by 15.8% or 214,300 units is quite an improvement.

I have added colour to highlight which nation or region the brand is associated with. Green is for the home team so to speak, pale blue Europe, dark blue USA and salmon Asia. Fiat brands have six of the top ten selling cars. The 500 makes up three of those, in different guises. When Alfa Romeo finally gets its new models out then it will be interesting to see how they do in their home market.

The VW Golf leads the foreign models, while the Polo gives the brand two in the top ten. The Jeep Renegade is made in Italy but doesn't count as such due to it being a U.S. make.


1Fiat Panda126.401104.35121.1%

2Fiat Punto56.44757.142-1.2%

3Lancia Ypsilon55.82651.1449.2%

4Fiat 500L49.91851.256-2.6%

5Volkswagen Golf44.43639.22513.3%

6Renault Clio43.19340.8665.7%

7Fiat 50040.85043.594-6.3%

8Ford Fiesta40.27536.8599.3%

9Volkswagen Polo36.38431.12916.9%

10Fiat 500X32.57997n/a

11Toyota Yaris32.17028.6692.2%

12Citroën C328.02729.316-4.4%

13Opel Corsa28.02521.96527.6%

14Peugeot 20827.91425.17210.9%

15Nissan Qashqai27.40325.5447.3%

16Opel Mokka24.71218.11536.4%

17Renault Captur23.93118.50329.3%

18Jeep Renegade23.0963.733518.7%

19Alfa Romeo Giulietta22.92119.60216.9%

20Dacia Duster20.91818.37813.8%

21Peugeot 200820.33318.7878.2%

22Peugeot 30817.9399.29892.9%

23Dacia Sandero17.18215.7009.4%

24Audi A317.15115.51910.5%

25Kia Sportage16.60113.11626.6%

26Smart Fortwo15.83714.7287.5%

27Ford Focus13.95811.28123.7%

28Toyota Aygo13.81310.11436.6%

29Nissan Micra13.5379.81337.9%

30Ford C-Max13.07013.368-2.2%

31Mercedes A Class12.85414.319-10.2%

32Hyundai i1012.49513.930-10.3%

33Ford Ecosport11.9153.164276.6%

34Volkswagen Up!11.84115.430-23.3%

35Mini Countryman11.56212.680-8.8%

36Hyundai i2011.5565.148124.5%


38Volkswagen Passat10.4276.83452.6%

39Toyota Auris10.0949.5325.9%

40BMW 2 Series9.9162.256339.5%

41Audi Q39.5958.00319.9%

42Renault Twingo9.4066.86837.0%

43Ford Kuga8.9757.51919.4%

44Opel Astra8.94310.139-11.8%

45Hyundai ix358.78112.783-31.3%

46Ford B-Max8.7248.5482.1%

47Mercedes B Class8.7069.634-9.6%

48Nissan Juke8.6977.74312.3%

49Mercedes GLA8.6014.79979.2%

50Volkswagen Tiguan8.4859.705-12.6%

51BMW 3 Series8.43710.854-22.3%

52Smart Forfour8.2821.140626.5%

53Mercedes C-Class8.2335.15259.8%

54Audi A48.1078.379-3.2%

55Kia Rio8.0556.62421.6%

56Range Rover Evoque7.7787.843-0.8%

57Citroen C47.71610.267-24.8%

58Citroen C4 Cactus7.5751.534393.8%

59Citroen C17.5374.36272.8%

60Opel Meriva7.4928.170-8.3%

61Alfa Romeo MiTo7.4588.527-12.5%

62Ford KA7.4176.56912.9%

63Audi A17.3237.909-7.4%

64Peugeot 1087.2822.833157.0%

65Skoda Octavia7.2155.77724.9%

66BMW 1 Series7.1886.39012.5%

67Renault Scénic6.5877.325-10.1%

68Opel Adam6.4265.78511.1%

69Renault Mégane6.3906.939-7.9%

70Toyota RAV46.1327.404-17.2%

71Seat Leon5.9625.33811.7%

72Hyundai ix205.8946.690-11.9%

73Suzuki Vitara5.797

74Fiat Freemont5.7008.489-32.9%

75Hyundai Tucson5.633

76Seat Ibiza5.3903.73844.2%

77Fiat Fiorino4.960

78Opel Karl4.856

79Audi Q54.8394.4119.7%

80Volvo V404.7843.91922.1%

81Mercedes CLA4.6803.46335.1%

82Peugeot 30084.4856.094-26.4%

83Land Rover Disco Sport4.444

84Audi A64.3833.27633.8%

85Fiat Doblo4.3762.83854.2%

86Volvo XC604.2104.230-0.5%

87BMW 5 Series4.1604.808-13.5%

88BMW X14.0876.405-36.2%

89Kia Venga4.0793.46017.9%

90BMW X34.0064.308-7.0%

91Nissan X-Trail3.8481.425170.0%

92Suzuki Swift3.8163.839-0.6%

93Renault Kadjar3.781

94Range Rover Sport3.7073.4118.7%

95Skoda Fabia3.5802.15066.5%

96Jeep Cherokee3.4512.05468.0%

97Suzuki Celerio3.3902061545.6%

98Opel Zafira3.2934.070-19.1%

99Abarth 5953.267988230.7%

100Opel Insignia3.2504.019-19.1%

Data source: Focus2Move.
The Jeep Renegade is as American as Pizza

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