Friday, 21 April 2017

Jaguar Model Sales - Jan-Jun 2016

Things are being done in a hurry at Jaguar. The updated XF is now accompanied by it's smaller sibling XE, and the (too) long awaited F-Pace SUV has arrived. The F-Pace was the best selling model in the April to June quarter and yet it's hardly out of the stables.

XE: It accounted for just over a third of Jaguar sales for the first six months of 2016. I'm picking it has reached its peak now so may double in sales by year's end.

XF: It had 57% of the marque's sales in 2015 but it won't be able to do that again with the new models now here. It will do well to do the same numbers in the second half of the year. It's proving an important, solid selling model for Jaguar.

F-Pace: As for sales, it is just building up steam at the moment. I am unsure of how many they can make but I sense it may not be enough. The world wants SUVs and this one is a cracker.

F-Type: It will probably end up with about 10,000 sales come the end of December. The sports car market isn't so big anymore but for those who still love them, it makes a compelling case for itself.

XJ: It keeps on selling steadily in a market turning to large SUVs. There is still a place for a large, premium saloon car.









Regionally, Europe has moved from 43% to 53% of sales. Being so close to the production centre means they usually get the cars first, so this has pushed the region so far ahead. That should settle down as the new models reach the more far flung destinations od the global sales network. China is only up 15% and took 13% of sales, so I would expect an improvement there soon when the new cars arrive.



Nth America12,02220%8,53923%41%


Rest World8,64214%5,66915%52%


Data source: Tata.

Summary: A 64% increase is mightily impressive. The roll out of new cars is taking Jaguar to another level as a marque. It needed to happen and those who are running the company are to be commended for the way they are directing things.

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