Thursday, 27 April 2017

Jaguar Sales By Model & Region : 2015

Jaguar had an interesting 2015. The new XE came late in the year, a revised XF is in the process of being launched and it is getting production ready for the long overdue F-Pace SUV. So how did all that impact on things?

The XF sales were understandably down as the older model runs out. The new XE more than offset any loss there, but it only had a partial year of sales so a fuller benefit of the XE will be in 2016. The XJ relied heavily on China where big executive cars are popular, but sales were well down in that nation and that had an impact. The F-Type is ticking along and the big XK has gone.

Models: Below are sales by model with total sales up 3%,  which with the summary above is about where it could be expected. I don't know what Jaguar has as a goal for 2016 but I would think something past 100,000 and perhaps by some margin.








Regions: A look at regions lets us know that Europe now has about half of Jaguar sales. Not surprising as most XE registrations would be in that region as they are the closest location to production. North America still have yet to get any XE models, plus they are now waiting for the revised XF and the new F-Pace. I can see its share going up in 2016. China was a surprise in the volume of the sales drop. Predicting anything would be beyond my knowledge of the situation.



Nth Amer15,76419%17,23321%-9%


Rest Wld12,54315%12,80716%-2%


Data source: Tata.

Summary: 2016 is going to be a strong year for the Leaping Cat. How quickly the new models roll out will determine how much. Production capacity may have a say too. The view ahead is most impressive.

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