Wednesday, 19 April 2017

JLR Sales : August 2016

JLR are speedy in releasing sales data and with some detail. So how are they going? Well, Jaguar made up nearly 30% of the combined sales in August 2016 due to fantastic growth in sales. That's not to say LR isn't doing well, rather it's the turn around of Jaguar that's responsible. So let's look at the detail, starting with Jaguar.

Jaguar headline news is mainly about the F-Pace, which - in a short time - is now the best selling model. That said, the XE is up 50% and the XF +10%. Total sales were nearly 11,000 units, a whopping +104% on August 2015.

ModelAug 16Aug 15+/-





4F- Type814823-1.1%


Total Jaguar10,8685,335103.7%

LR sales were up 8.6% in August to just over 26,000. The Discovery Sport is the biggest selling model, with sales up 57%. The other major increase was with the evergreen Discovery, up 39%.

ModelAug 16Aug 15+/-

1Discovery Sport7,0534,48457.3%


3R Rover Sport5,4655,1236.7%

4Range Rover3,7223,5534.8%




Total L Rover26,05823,9928.6%

Data source: TATA.

Regionally in August for combined JLR sales: Europe 10,376, North America: 10,330, China 9,314 and Others: 6,906. Total 36,926.

September sales in the UK are always very high so JLR will do well with that. It will be interesting to see what transpires with that in about a month's time.

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