Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Korea Car Sales By (Local) Brand : 2015

Ssanyyong had a good year both domestically and internationally

I've already revealed the sales of imported brands in to Korea, which you can see by clicking here. I have now got sales by the local brands, harder to find than total vehicle sales. My data goes back to 1962, and it seems safe to say that this is a record year, beating the previous record of 2014. The 1.4 million mark was broken in 2014 and now the 1.5 million total has been passed.

Hyundai is unsurprisingly top with a third of the total sales, followed by Kia which is narrowing the gap. Hyundai has been the biggest selling brand since 1976. In 1975 it was Kia and before that Daewoo. Today Chevrolet is the old Daweoo and the only local manufacturer to slip. Samsung was flat while Ssangyong stormed past it.

Imports reached 10% penetration in 2012 with 130,000 sales back then Things have moved quickly on to 15.5% in 2015 and 243,000 units. Once a nation of virtually all local cars, imports now enjoy much more market share than Japan, a less protected market. Funny that.









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