Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Korea Production Domestic/Export Comparison : 2015

Kia has exported over 15 million cars from domestic facilities (late June 2015)

If you have been kept awake at night wondering what percentage of Korean car production is sold domestically compared to exported, then you will be sleeping well tonight. The home market share of production increased 8.6% while exports dropped 2.1%. That meant the total was up 1.4% (that bit of data isn't on the list below). Neither is this, 4.527 million to 4.588.

Exporting 3 million cars is huge but as overseas factories are opened, that may be hard to maintain. For 2015 exports, that's 65.6% of total production, down from 67.9% in 2014. Here are some interesting facts:

The only car maker that exported more in 2015 was Samsung (+65.9%). It was also the only manufacturer that didn't increase what it supplied to the domestic market.

Ssangyong had a swap on emphasis, with the home market increasing 44% and exports falling 37%. That's quite a turn around. Unsurprisingly, it relies least on exports, just 31%.

GM exports more than any other manufacturer, nearly 75%.

Vehicle Domestic/Export Comparison
BrandHomeExport% Exp+/- H+/- ExTotal

Now you know, so sleep well...zzzz

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