Saturday, 22 April 2017

Land Rover Sales Russia By Model: 2000-2015

Back in the year 2000, just 500 Land Rovers were sold and 2001 was even lower. Things changed after that as stellar growth ensued. In 2006, the 5,000 barrier was broken, 2007 the 10,000 point passed and 2008, 20,000. What an amazing improvement! Of course the economy was booming and LR was a major beneficiary.

The 2009 downturn caused sales to fall to less than half in a year, but the recovery was soon on again. However, more recent political events have caused another drop in 2015. This one will be longer in duration. So what do Russians prefer in Land Rovers?

The best selling model over this time is the Freelander with over 40,000 sold but has now been retired. The Discovery came next with 33,400 and is currently 5th most popular. The Range Rover is the best selling model now and the least affected by the current downturn. 30,000 sales were passed in 2015 for this 16 year period. The Range Rover Sport is relatively new but already reaching 22,600 sales shows its popularity. The Defender has been a solid performer and got close to 5,000 sales from the year 2000. Finally the Discovery Sport arrived during 2015 so hard to say much about how it will go.

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I have highlighted the best selling model for each year in yellow. 2008 was an amazing year, but with the market crash of 2009, sales slumped. Since then, rebuilding has taken place to the point that it is almost back to '08, albeit with an extra model. Recent growth has been accelerating but I think that may well slow now as the market evens off in growth. The new Range Rover should go well this year, if enough stock is available.

There is no question Russia is an important market for Land Rover, and the local importer has done well in promoting the marque. Perhaps Maria Sharapova helped too. It is also good to see the openness that allows us to see in detail LR's progress.

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