Tuesday, 25 April 2017

NZ Pick Up Truck Sales By Model : 2013-15

Suitable for the outdoors lifestyle in New Zealand. The Ford
 Ranger has taken top spot in the NZ  market with surprising ease 

The pick up truck is called a ute (utility) down under and is getting more popular. Most that sell in NZ seem to be the double cab versions that are quite car like. The rear tray has been compromised to allow so much passenger room. They are big vehicles but that isn't an issue here.

Total ute sales keep rising faster than the market as a whole and now account for nearly 28,000 sales out of 134,000 vehicles, including heavy commercial. The Toyota Hilux has been the top selling ute for decades and still was in 2013, just. The Ford Ranger then pushed the Hilux aside in 2014 and increased its lead the following year. It now has just under a quarter of all sales and I get the impression TNZ gasped at the ease and speed in which it happened.

The Holden Colorado is now ahead of the Nissan Navarra while the Mitsubishi Triton and Isuzu D-Max had strong increases of 52 and 38% respectively. The VW Amarok and Ssangyong Actyon Sport have struggled in the intense competition. Chinese brand Foton have done rather well but Great Wall have dropped off my radar.

The dark blue is USA, salmon Japan, light blue Europe and yellow other Asia. The colours show where the brand is associated but not where it is made.

211Ford Ranger4,92823.26,34224.929%6,83224.68%
122Toyota Hilux5,04623.85,77822.715%5,63220.3-3%
433GM Colorado2,46211.62,95511.620%3,59412.922%
344Nissan Navara2,69512.72,5229.9-6%3,14711.325%
555Mitsubishi Triton1,2826.01,5996.325%2,4328.752%
776Isuzu D-Max8163.81,2324.851%1,6996.138%
667Mazda BT-501,2796.01,4625.714%1,3825.0-5%
898VW Amarok7993.87793.1-3%8263.06%
989Ssang Ac Sport4482.18943.5100%6872.5-23%
?1010Foton Tunland?4161.64671.712%


Data source: NZ Autofile.

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