Thursday, 27 April 2017

NZ Top 30 Car/LCV Sales By Model : 2015

The Holden Colorado was 4th and sales were up 22%

It's actually the Top 32 but that's all the vehicles over 1,000 sales and most of what I could get hold of. New Zealand is backward about sales data. The official government site, the LTSA now offers nothing. Talk about public service..not. Some other sites do offer some data and seem not to have been censured for that.

Green is passenger vehicle and blue light commercial. Four of the top six are LCV, their versatile nature increasingly attractive to Kiwis. Toyota struggle with the reality of having three of the top five places but the Ford Ranger beats not only the hallowed Hilux but the 'rental king' Corolla. I love it. We all need humility and having dealt with Toyota NZ some years back, they need it.

With total sales up to record numbers, one gets the impression that New Zealand sales may ease off in the second half of 2016. It has a feeling of overheating, as indeed world commerce seems to be doing. For now car importers are making hay.


1Ford Ranger6,8326,3427.7%

2Toyota Corolla6,5166,4730.7%

3Toyota Hilux5,6325,778-2.5%

4Holden Colorado3,5942,95521.6%

5Toyota Rav43,5222,56637.3%

6Nissan Navara3,1472,52224.8%

7Holden Commodore2,7143,007-9.7%

8Mazda CX52,5832,3748.8%

9Toyota Highlander2,5422,00227.0%

10Mazda 32,5072,3715.7%

11Toyota Yaris2,5022,557-2.2%

12Toyota Hiace2,4962,4472.0%

13Holden Captiva2,4592,2787.9%

14Mitsubishi Triton2,4321,59952.1%

15Suzuki Swift2,3752,692-11.8%

16Hyundai iX352,1821,87816.2%

17Hyundai Santa Fe2,0421,85210.3%

18Honda Jazz1,8901,8631.4%

19Mitsubishi Outlander1,7891,6617.7%

20Isuzu D-Max1,6991,23237.9%

21Nissan Qashqai1,5731,4339.8%

22Mitsubishi ASX1,57198260.0%

23Nissan X-Trail1,5551,40310.8%

24Holden Cruze1,5541,875-17.1%

25Mazda 21,48996953.7%

26Mazda BT-501,3821,462-5.5%

27VW Golf1,3811,694-18.5%

28Ford Kuga1,1991,330-9.8%

29Holden Barina1,15996620.0%

30Mitsubishi Lancer1,1561,526-24.2%

31Kia Sportage1,12890125.2%

32Ford Focus1,0371,832-43.4%

Data source: Autofile NZ.

The Mitsubishi ASX grew 60% in sales for 2015 and came in 22nd

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