Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Renault Production In Romania & Slovenia By Model : 2014/15

Dacia was a brand founded in 1966 and made older model Renault cars before it was taken over by Renault in 1999. It makes cars as well as kits for export. The data below excludes the kits known as CKD. Dacia cars sold in Russia and Latin America are done so under the Renault Logo.

The Logan model

Production for full cars in Romania have been static of late, with three models made here. In 2015, Dacia's share of Renault's European plant production fell from 18.7% to 16.9%. The Duster is the leading model with 8.5% of Renault's European unit volume.






In the small nation of Slovenia, there is a car plant Renault started as joint venture assembly operation in 1988. It is located in Novo Mesto at the southeast of the country near Croatia. It became wholly owned by Renault in 2004, now producing mainly the tiny Twingo model and a few Clios.

For 2015, production was up 9% and made 6.4% of Renault Group's European plant volume. The Twingo was up 13% to 124,900 units and comprised 96.5% of total production.





Data source: Renault Group.

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