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Sweden Top 100 Sales By Model : 2015

The Volvo V70 is very much loved by the Swedes

Total sales grew 13.5% so any that exceeded that have been rewarded by being shaded in green. The three best selling qualified. Wagon variants are popular in Sweden due no doubt to their practical nature, something appealing to the locals. European models are popular too.

Three of the four top selling cars are from Volvo. Toyota does well to get a 7th with the Auris (Corolla) while Kia lost some ground with the C'eed. I am surprised the Fiat Ducato made the list (25th), seeing as it is a van. Is is an MPV model, or a camper?


1VOLVO V70II28,61323,62421.1%

2VW GOLF22,77916,85735.1%

3VOLVO XC6014,83411,79025.8%

4VOLVO S/V6014,69814,4441.8%

5VW PASSAT14,39213,4177.3%

6VOLVO V40N10,33310,0872.4%

7TOYOTA AURIS6,8686,3528.1%

8KIA CEE'D6,7267,203-6.6%

9SKODA OCTAVIA5,5194,31427.9%

10AUDI A65,4964,60419.4%

11BMW 3-SERIE5,2615,602-6.1%

12SKODA FABIA5,1143,87132.1%

13TOYOTA YARIS4,7954,6632.8%

14AUDI A44,7644,950-3.8%

15NISSAN QASHQAI4,7574,18413.7%

16VW POLO4,5854,5670.4%

17BMW 5-SERIE4,4394,726-6.1%

18RENAULT CLIO4,1704,0313.4%


20PEUGEOT 3083,9142,83238.2%

21FORD FOCUS3,6784,270-13.9%

22AUDI A33,6663,32510.3%

23VW TIGUAN3,4482,98015.7%

24RENAULT CAPTUR3,3972,67427.0%

25FIAT DUCATO3,3293,1904.4%

26KIA SPORTAGE3,2783,388-3.2%

27MERCEDES C-KLASS3,1732,69317.8%

28TOYOTA AVENSIS3,1442,84610.5%

29MERCEDES E-KLASS2,7342,5766.1%

30KIA RIO2,7031,73455.9%

31SEAT LEON2,5642,18617.3%

32TOYOTA RAV 42,5402,4274.7%

33PEUGEOT 2082,5062,20413.7%

34FORD MONDEO2,379986141.3%

35BMW 1-SERIE2,3672,00118.3%

36DACIA DUSTER2,3402,455-4.7%

37OPEL ASTRA2,3102,1248.8%

38VOLVO XC90N2,1901n/a

39FORD FIESTA2,1752,1521.1%


41HYUNDAI I302,0552,786-26.2%

42MITSUBISHI ASX2,0051,19368.1%

43KIA PICANTO1,9701,44236.6%

44MERCEDES CLA1,947605221.8%

45MINI HATCH1,935837131.2%

46SKODA SUPERB1,8721,69110.7%

47AUDI Q51,7541,6923.7%

48HONDA CR-V1,7191,5808.8%

49HYUNDAI I201,6751,725-2.9%

50OPEL CORSA1,6361,15042.3%

51RENAULT MEGANE1,6262,352-30.9%

52MERCEDES A-KLASS1,5771,629-3.2%

53FIAT FREEMONT1,5471,4169.3%

54FORD KUGA1,5401,712-10.0%

55BMW 2-SERIE1,537453239.3%


57BMW 4-SERIE1,5191,11536.2%

58HONDA CIVIC1,5061,5050.1%

59SKODA YETI1,4611,564-6.6%

60SUBARU FORESTER1,4551,24317.1%

61VW SHARAN1,3991,19417.2%

62TOYOTA VERSO1,3901,3552.6%

63MAZDA CX-51,3761,3343.1%

64AUDI A11,2831,468-12.6%

65BMW X31,2831,318-2.7%

66HYUNDAI I401,2491,448-13.7%

67DACIA SANDERO1,2221,384-11.7%

68VW TOURAN1,1961,366-12.4%

69FIAT 5001,1941,01617.5%

70AUDI A51,19198820.5%

71NISSAN PULSAR1,183170595.9%

72SEAT IBIZA1,18272263.7%

73MERCEDES B-KLASS1,1701,360-14.0%

74AUDI Q31,13993721.6%

75HYUNDAI I101,1261,180-4.6%

76KIA SORENTO1,12361682.3%

77VW UP!1,1131,690-34.1%

78PEUGEOT 20081,09089421.9%

79CITROEN C4 CACTUS1,05958979.8%

80TOYOTA AYGO1,05580331.4%

81KIA VENGA1,02983423.4%

82OPEL MOKKA99782221.3%

83TESLA MODEL S996267273.0%

84CITROEN C49851,297-24.1%

85SUZUKI VITARA966105820.0%

87NISSAN NOTE9631,120-14.0%

86CITROEN C4 PICASSO9631,024-6.0%

88SUBARU XV9621,015-5.2%

89NISSAN MICRA95676325.3%

90OPEL INSIGNIA948950-0.2%

91VW CADDY9401,108-15.2%

92LEXUS NX300H937317195.6%

93MAZDA CX-3931


95NISSAN JUKE91379714.6%

96BMW X19051,247-27.4%

97CITROEN C38981,292-30.5%

98SKODA RAPID8841,475-40.1%


100VW TOUAREG867477236.8%

T O T A L T345,108303,94813.5%

Data source: Bilsweden.

The Volvo XC60 was the second most popular model for the brand in Sweden

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