Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Biggest Month Ever - July 2016

July 2016 was the biggest month since Blogger started to monitor hits in July 2010. The blog itself started in September 2007, which at the time was limited for features. Blogger eventually offered more but that led to real problems in operation during 2013, still not fully resolved to this day. Visitor numbers crashed and have never fully recovered, until now.

So for the six years that stats have been in operation....

Biggest month: July 2016 -15,087 hits.
Smallest month: July 2007 - 687 hits.
Best year: 2012 - 112,136 hits.
Nation with most views: USA - 95,792.

I have stuck with my commitment to this being a commercial free zone. I don't get a bean for my efforts, just the pleasure of giving you something you want to read. I have no personal connection with the car industry either nor any journalistic training, the latter I view as a bonus. Everything here are my personal observations and opinions. There is no editor to answer to, nor advertisers to appease. It's nice to have you along.

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