Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Everyday Mclaren 570S

Ahh the open road. I love the colour too...but it is bright. 

I'm not into desiring - or owning - a supercar. No, it's not envy, or the fact I couldn't afford one anyway. There is one major reason: they are impractical. It's one thing to drive these around a race track but quite another to tootle around suburban streets in one. They have virtually no storage capacity either, so going for a weekend somewhere means you have to travel very light.

I also find excess embarrassing. I don't like drawing attention to myself at the best of times. The idea of fame and constantly being noticed would make me an uncomfortable person. I have never wanted to get on a stage and a supercar is like a mobile one, screaming "Look at me!"

Which brings me to the Mclaren 570S, the most 'affordable' car the company makes. While Mclaren built 1,750 cars in 2014, their making a less expensive vehicle means 4,000 units is on the cards. This will allow access to a wider audience.

More importantly, they have made it relatively convenient to live with. They have designed the 570S to be easier to get in and out of and given it more headroom too. Niceties such as door pockets, a glove box and wait for it....vanity mirrors!

As for driving, it would indeed be possible to pop out to the shops in it and yet also experience a wonderful driving experience on the open road as well. So maybe I could live with one as a sensible supercar. It has beautiful lines and style, best shown off with vivid colours.

Which brings me to that other problem, attention grabbing. It would be hard to drive around town without being noticed, especially where I live ( a supercar desert). I would only take it out for a spin on some open roads nearby and leave it at that. On that note, I'll have to pass, sorry Mclaren. But for any who are not affected with my idiosyncratic personality, I'm sure you would be more than happy to enjoy ownership of one. A supercar for the masses - well almost.

Grey would be less obtrusive

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