Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Giant Awakens From A Nap

The Camry is such a conservative car, I fell asleep looking at it. 
Toyota can do better

Toyota was driven to be number one and achieved that for the first time in 2008. For 2011, GM temporarily took the mantle back when Toyota faced some challenging problems. Toyota then took it back but realised it had become distracted by the goal to be at the top. Reliability for one thing suffered and that is the foundation of Toyota's success, especially in emerging nations.

For the past three years it had had a freeze on new factories as it worked to do better with what it had and come up with a new strategy. Now it feels ready to push forward, changing methods within its factories to make them more efficient and flexible. It was unfazed by VW breathing down its neck for top spot, focusing on organising and implementing sweeping changes in how it does just about everything to do with car design and car plant operation.

Ironically VW has also made problems for itself with a culture of 'success or else'. That sort of pressure makes people do stupid things. It was leading the race in 2015 by a hair's breadth until the diesel revelation. I am thinking it will probably cost VW the number the one spot it so coveted. That should be the least of VW's concerns at the moment.

If Toyota does retain the top spot, it's new business plan it will make "The Big T' hard to dethrone. VW will be affected for at least a couple of years. Toyota has learned from its mistake and will do things better. It's growth 'nap' is now over and the giant now awakens. How will the other car makers react to that?

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