Friday, 21 April 2017

The New Infiniti That Has Mercedes Heritage

Infiniti want to grow internationally and especially in Europe, a sophisticated market where premium marques sell by the truck load. It won't go far north east of the Atlantic with its current range, catering to North American taste as it does. No, Infiniti could do with a small hatch and maybe a crossover type based on said hatch. Welcome to the Infiniti Q30 (later to be followed by the QX30 crossover).

The problem is for a small premium marque like Infiniti to make such a car alone would be too expensive to recoup cost. I have in the past said that co-operation between car makers is too rarely seen. They are springing up now. Mercedes is getting a pick-up from Nissan and sharing a plant in Mexico. It has also provided the DNA and for the Q30, the car is based on the GLA.

Production will be modest, 60,000 maximum shared between the two models, although they may not reach that figure. For those sorts of numbers, collaboration was essential. In Europe a stronger dealer network and entering new markets will be needed for Infiniti. It should really increase the marque's sales and profile in Europe.

Side profile is sleek with many interesting lines
Front end rather prominent like Mazda does these days
Rear reminds me of the Nissan Juke
The dashboard looks tidy and functional
Front seats look comfortable too

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