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UK Top 10 Models : 1965-69

Things were very different back in the late 60's in the UK. All the top 10 and in fact nearly all cars sold were built domestically. Green represents local brands and blue US owned. That said Hillman was taken over by Chrysler in 1967 so could be either colour and still be correct.

The BMC 1100

BMC: The Austin/Morris 1100/1300 range was top selling model in all but 1967, when the Ford Cortina was. The Mini was a classic in its time although through this period was losing sales slowly. The Farina range was mainly the Morris Oxford and Austin Cambridge models that were replaced by the Austin 1800, which showed up on the chart for 1969. Finally the Minor model had been going since 1948 and was still selling well by the the mid 1960's.

Ford: The Cortina was 2nd but for 1967. The Ford Anglia made the list until 1968, when the even more popular Escort took over. The Corsair was an unusual in that is was similar to the Cortina in size. Finally the Capri sold well considering it was a coupé styled 2 door car.

Hillman: The Hunter (also known as the Arrow range for including badge engineered variants) was fine family car. It was supported by the Imp, a small, rear engined model.

Triumph: The small Herald is the only one to make the Top 10 for the brand. it offered something quite different and I always considered it a fun car to drive. A family friend had one and it's independent suspension amazed me, flying over small speed bumps like they weren't there. 6,340 were assembled in NZ I believe.


BMC 1100/1300133,455151,146131,382151,946157,679

Ford Cortina116,185137,873165,300127,037116,985

Ford Escort/Anglia85,15698,21855,73568,20984,589

Vauxhall Viva75,354101,067100,22059,73158,884

BMC Mini68,33086,19082,43691,624104,477

Hillman Hunter65,16576,37579,376

Vauxhall Victor33,58240,12838,51746,53760,854

Ford Capri33,047

BMC Farina/180029,00530,284

Hillman Imp28,16135,29540,85838,87042,663

Ford Corsair

Morris Minor


Triumph Herald


Top 10667,440787,590766,067708,519771,965

% of Total69.168.867.064.967.2


Data source: SMMT.

At the bottom of the chart, the top 10 sales are included for each year, along with the percentage of total sales they represented. About two thirds of all sales were made up by these few models, quite different from today.

Other years in the series:

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