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UK Top 20 Models : 1980-84

The roomy, stylish and frugal Maestro, but reliability was not the best

The tittle is almost right, 1980 is a Top 14. Any Top 10 placing is highlighted in brown. The data is as accurate as I can get it but if anyone can assist with 1980, just let me know. 

There were many changes in this five year period. The Cortina became the Sierra and the latter didn't do as well. The Vauxhall Chevette went and both the Nova and Astra models came in for GM. The curtain fell on the Austin Allegro, Ambassador and the terrible Ital, with the Metro, Maestro and Montego models arriving.

We can see that British Leyland was now struggling with only two models in the Top 10 in 1984. That was the first time as far as any records I have. In 1982, the Mini was no longer in the Top 10 for the first time since the early 1960's. The Renault 18 and then the Volvo 300 Series were the first European models making the Top 10. More Euro models were establishing themselves.

The Vauxhall Cavalier was building sales nicely and was outselling Ford's equivalent model, the Sierra. Meanwhile, for the Blue Oval, the Fiesta took its time but was now proving very popular. The Ford Orion model was in some ways an Escort with a boot, but classed as a different model. Large cars were all but finished and the Ford Granada was only a shadow of its former self.

1Ford Escort157,340174,190166,942141,081122,357
2Vauxhall Cavalier132,149127,509100,08133,63141,119
3Ford Fiesta125,851119,602110,165110,75391,661
4Austin/MG Metro117,442137,303114,550110,283
5Ford Cortina/Sierra113,071170,717135,745159,804190,281
6Austin/MG Maestro83,07265,328

7Vauxhall Astra56,51162,57046,41230,845
8Vauxhall Nova55,44224,995

9Ford Orion51,026

10Volvo 30035,03436,75330,41223,775

11Aust/MG Montego34,728

12VW Polo31,34532,70623,655

13Datsun Sunny31,11236,78128,74425,73730,954
14Datsun Cherry27,46629,22928,11732,87430,929
15VW Golf24,25025,76426,31126,413
16Austin/Morris Mini23,32927,73925,50328,77261,129
17Ford Granada23,21524,07628,59025,21429,093
18Fiat Uno20,915

19Datsun Micra20,789

20Renault 1120,394

Triumph Acclaim

Ford Capri
Rover SD1
Volvo 200
Talbot Samba

Aust Ambassador


Vauxhall Chevette

Morris Marina/Ital

Datsun Stanza


Renault 5

Renault 18

Austin Allegro

Top 10619,053646,839619,058722,854777,415
% of Total51.850.346.845.445.3

Data source: SMMT.

Other years in the series:

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