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UK Top 20 Models : 1985-89

In 1985, the Top 10 took over half the total sales, but never again would they have so much. For this five year period less changes took place when it came to model ranking. Top 10 figures are coloured brown and few changes can be observed.

For the first time, all Top 5 spots were taken by US brands, reflective of the retrenchment of Rover. The Escort ended eight years of being the best selling model in 1989. Ford had the top three places and four of the eight best selling models. GM's Vauxhall had three of the top seven. The Rover Group had three and all at the lower end of the Top 10.

Despite the steadily improving success of the Rover 200, it wasn't selling as well as previous cars from that firm. Peugeot got its first model into the Top 10 (the 205), albeit for just one year. Further down, European and Japanese brands were now dominating in the 10 to 20 area of the market.

1Ford Escort181,218172,706178,001156,895157,269
2Ford Sierra175,911162,684139,878113,861101,642
3Ford Fiesta149,358144,991153,453143,712124,143
4Vauxhall Cavalier130,61596,46298,490113,475134,334
5Vauxhall Astra115,29498,08688,63780,06776,553
6Austin/MG Metro99,373116,811108,223109,351118,817
7Vauxhall Nova71,04756,93742,65948,46561,358
8Ford Orion68,59867,71369,26255,25565,363
9Rover 20064,04658,89050,25445,19743,669
10Austin/MG Montego57,83563,64956,23862,65857,527

11VW Golf56,05551,38140,54335,77331,145
12Nissan Micra54,17552,14338,82533,60928,181
13Peugeot 20552,47054,14749,12739,18830,842
14Peugeot 40547,834

15Nissan Bluebird41,63641,77531,982

16Citroen BX38,65836,134

17Nissan Sunny36,685
18Austin/MG Maestro36,53543,98243,81551,46573,955
19Peugoet 30935,80435,52442,69128,257
20Ford Granada33,51935,52435,09137,40126,057

Volvo 300

Fiat Uno

VW Polo


Renault 5


Top 101,113,2951,038,929991,563935,204970,961

% of Total48.446.949.246.453.0


Data source: SMMT.

Other years in the series:

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