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UK Top 20 Models : 2000-04

The Ford Focus was staying in front

Total sales were very healthy in the UK, while the Top 10 models lost share from 35.5% to 32.0%. The Ford Focus was the top selling model for each of the five years shown below. GM Vauxhall had the second spot secure but with the Astra, then the Corsa models taking turns.

The then locally made Peugeot 206 reached fourth on three occasions, the highest placing a French brand had reached in the UK. With the Mégane/Scénic reaching 5th in 2004, coupled with the Clio and 307, this was the best French brands achieved before or since. The VW Golf was now a regular feature of the Top 10, something it has continued to do down to today.

 As for UK brands, just as Rover finally descended into the abyss, BMW was able to salvage the MINI out of the debacle. At least there was one UK brand in the Top 20 at all times, and has continued that way, courtesy of the MINI.

In the chart, brown means Top 10, all other numbers Top 20 and a blank means the model is outside those parameters. The models are coloured according to perceived origin.


1Ford Focus110,074131,684151,209137,074114,512

2Vauxhall Corsa101,625108,387105,19993,79284,514

3Ford Fiesta89,25995,88793,59198,22191,783

4Peugeot 20686,60595,05296,93897,88780,991

5Renault Mégane86,56971,66069,53073,57764,666

6Vauxhall Astra85,08796,929102,10798,99993,263

7Renault Clio72,41283,97286,33779,84361,209

8VW Golf69,78467,22672,36267,09957,359

9Ford Mondeo60,44160,04672,01686,55969,377

10Peugeot 307/30658,74260,35653,22843,374

11BMW 3 Series53,79065,48962,64457,44448,730

12Vauxhall Zafira51,17547,06542,291

13Vauxhall Vectra48,45048,92354,14464,87770,704

14Ford Ka45,87952,82662,86354,28547,346

15BMW MINI43,66040,510

16VW Polo43,53048,13441,47042,82243,856

17Fiat Punto43,42250,91755,41459,57354,840

18Nissan Micra39,29952,63446,17643,15146,329

19Citroen Xsara37,01943,32459,82865,68129,560

20Toyota Yaris35,225

Rover 25/ZR

VW Passat


Citroen Saxo


Honda Civic


Peugeot 406


Top 10820,598876,642912,152898,732788,378

% of Total32.034.035.636.635.5


Data source: SMMT.

Other years in the series:
The Vauxhall Corsa was enjoying great success

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