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UK Top 20 Models : 2005-09

The new Ford Fiesta caught the British public's attention
and became the best selling model in 2009

The five year period here was ended with a sharp decline in sales as the world grappled with financial issues. Total sales for 2009 were the lowest since 1995. The Top 10 took the lowest share ever in '09 with just 31%. The Ford Focus had been the best selling model for ten years up until 2008, but was replaced by the new model Fiesta in 2009.

Brands from the USA took six places in the Top 10, while during this time French makes went from three to one. It was 17 years since a Renault model didn't grace the Top 10 as the company decided to stop chasing volume over profit. German marques added a second for the first time ever and even the home nation slipped in a model for the first time in ten years. From 12th to 18th there were four Japanese brands, with the new Qashqai quickly up to 12th.

In the chart, dark grey shows a Top 10 result, light grey 11th to 20th. SA blank space means either out of the Top 20 or no sales.


1Ford Fiesta117,29694,989102,872103,85683,803

2Ford Focus93,517101,593118,267119,047123,799

3Vauxhall Corsa84,47899,57494,12073,92389,463

4Vauxhall Astra67,72990,641113,894105,296108,461

5VW Golf57,18765,02968,84362,01167,749

6Peugeot 206/20748,03753,46267,18533,64467,450

7BMW MINI39,86640,73647,66138,01844,770

8BMW 3 Series39,02949,38458,54450,24844,844

9Vauxhall Vectra/Insig36,23342,55550,98344,38944,626

10Ford Mondeo34,41844,15047,80048,02157,589

11Audi A333,15432,769

12Nissan Qashqai30,554

13Toyota Yaris30,04630,34231,028

14VW Polo29,97535,71036,80938,15240,640

15Honda Jazz27,165


16Renault Clio26,99234,16153,90757,19256,538

17BMW 1 Series26,32429,933

18Honda Civic26,08834,47444,67137,485

19VW Passat25,82530,62537,20638,10435,594

20Peugeot 307/30825,039

Vauxhall Zafira

Audi A4

Fiat Punto


Nissan Micra


Ford Ka


Top 10617,790684,546784,083729,190786,789

% of Total31.032.132.631.132.3


Data source: SMMT.

Suumary: Both Ford and GM Vauxhall proved resilient with so many models doing well. Germany was replacing France as the main European contributor to the UK market. How would things pan out in the next decade? The final instalment will answer that, and more.

Other years in the series:
The new Nissan Qashqai crossover was an instant hit 

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