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UK Top 20 Models : 2010-14

GMV have high hopes for the new Astra, shown here the Sports Tourer variant

The Ford Fiesta became the clear favourite of the UK public by 2014. However, a trend of a diversified car buying was well established. The Top 10 were now just 26.6% of all sales, a record low. The USA had seven of the best ten sellers as recently as 2008, but now had four. Four of the top five mind you. Germany now had three in the Top 10 and another four in the next ten.

The last time a Japanese brand made the Top 10 was in 1983, a Datsun Sunny. Now the Qashqai was at a record high 6th for the brand, two had made it. Admittedly both are designed and built in Europe, so have European appeal but still quite a feat. Nissan is the only Japanese brand ever to reach the Top 10.


1Ford Fiesta131,254121,929109,26596,112103,013

2Ford Focus85,14087,35083,11581,83277,804

3Vauxhall Corsa81,78384,27589,43477,75177,398

4VW Golf73,88064,95162,02163,36858,116

5Vauxhall Astra59,68968,07063,02362,57580,646

6Nissan Qashqai49,90950,21145,67539,40639,048

7VW Polo48,00442,60941,90145,99245,517

8Audi A345,58132,03029,42827,12233,395

9Fiat 50044,00537,91834,16125,60726,920

10Nissan Juke39,26337,48828,86221,900

11BMW 3 Series38,64943,49444,52142,47142,020

12Vauxhall Mokka32,918

13BMW 1 Series31,84841,88334,48828,66431,996

14Mercedes C31,52530,99137,26130,039

15Vauxhall Insignia31,31328,38332,61046,32437,281

16Peugeot 207/20831,21538,616

17Toyota Yaris31,16031,15329,961

18Vauxhall Zafira Tour31,09227,20221,716

19BMW MINI30,00029,78136,83935,84541,883

20Mercedes E28,70728,83323,59424,526

Audi A1

Hyundai i10


Honda Jazz


VW Passat


Renault Clio


Audi A4


Ford Mondeo


Renault Mégane


Top 10658,508643,388613,055591,676607,630

% of Total26.628.430.030.530.0


Data source: SMMT.

Summary: In the series, massive changes have taken place. From a country with strong sales of local brands, to one where German brands abound. US makes have had a constant presence, especially Ford. On a personal level it would be nice to see the UK public take the 'local' Qashqai to another level, but it isn't easy to get into the top few selling models. I cannot see anyone knocking Ford off the top rung anytime soon.

Other years in the series:
The Vauxhall Mokka came in at 12th for an impressive star

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