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USA Top 100 Car/Light Truck Sales By Model : 2015

The Toyota Camry was again the top selling car

As an oversight, I forgot this. Sorry to all my U.S. readers plus others who were waiting. No surprises who made the top. Blue indicates increase but reduced market share, so the F-Series did fall into that category. It is so far ahead there is no fear of losing the top spot anytime soon. The Chev Silverado did have the satisfaction of closing the gap, slightly. The F-Series has been the best selling vehicle in the U.S. for the past 34 years and top pickup for 39 years.

Toyota got the first two car slots with the Camry and Corolla. The Camry has been the best selling car for 14 consecutive years. I noticed at #100 was the Ford Taurus. The top selling car until 1996, it now languishes well off the pace. I believe the next generation is for China but not its home market.


1Ford F-Series780,354753,8513.5%

2Chevrolet Silverado600,544529,75513.4%

3Ram P/U451,116439,7892.6%

4Toyota Camry429,355428,6060.2%

5Toyota Corolla363,332339,4987.0%

6Honda Accord355,557388,374-8.4%

7Honda CR-V345,647335,0193.2%

8Honda Civic335,384325,9812.9%

9Nissan Altima333,398335,644-0.7%

10Toyota RAV4315,412267,69817.8%

11Ford Escape306,492306,2120.1%

12Ford Fusion300,170306,860-2.2%

13Nissan Rogue287,190199,19944.2%

14Chevrolet Equinox277,589242,24214.6%

15Ford Explorer249,251209,99418.7%

16Hyundai Elantra241,706222,0238.9%

17Chevrolet Cruze226,602273,060-17.0%

18GMC Sierra224,139211,8335.8%

19Jeep Cherokee220,260178,50823.4%

20Hyundai Sonata213,303216,936-1.7%

21Nissan Sentra203,509183,26811.0%

22Jeep Wrangler202,702175,32815.6%

23Ford Focus202,478219,634-7.8%

24Jeep Grand Cherokee195,958183,7866.6%

25Chevrolet Malibu194,854188,5193.4%

26Toyota Tacoma179,562155,04115.8%

27Chrysler 200177,889117,36351.6%

28Subaru Forester175,192159,9539.5%

29Kia Optima159,414159,0200.2%

30Toyota Highlander158,915146,1278.8%

31Subaru Outback152,294138,7909.7%

32Kia Soul147,133145,3161.3%

33Nissan Versa144,528139,7813.4%

34Toyota Sienna137,497124,50210.4%

35Honda Pilot136,212108,85725.1%

36Volkswagen Jetta131,109160,873-18.5%

37Honda Odyssey127,736122,7384.1%

38Ford Edge124,120108,86414.0%

39Ford Mustang122,34982,63548.1%

40Chevrolet Traverse119,945103,94315.4%

41Toyota Tundra118,880118,4930.3%

42Jeep Patriot118,46493,46226.8%

43Hyundai Santa Fe118,134107,9069.5%

44Toyota Prius 118,020136,040-13.2%

45Ford Transit117,57720,448475.0%

46Chevrolet Impala116,825140,280-16.7%

47Kia Sorento116,249102,52013.4%

48GMC Terrain112,030105,0166.7%

49Mazda CX-5111,45099,12212.4%

50Mazda 3107,885104,9852.8%

51Dodge Journey105,40093,57212.6%

52Lexus RX100,610107,490-6.4%

53Subaru Impreza100,51983,48820.4%

54Dodge Grand Caravan97,141134,152-27.6%

55Toyota 4Runner97,03476,90626.2%

56GMC Acadia96,39383,97214.8%

57Dodge Charger94,72594,0990.7%

58BMW 3-Series 94,527100,970-6.4%

59Chrysler Town & Country93,848138,040-32.0%

60Subaru XV Crosstrek88,92770,95625.3%

61Chevrolet Tahoe88,34297,726-9.6%

62Dodge Dart87,39283,8584.2%

63Mercedes C-Class86,08075,06514.7%

64Chevrolet Colorado84,4308,003955.0%

65Nissan Pathfinder82,04179,1113.7%

66Kia Forte78,91969,33613.8%

67Volkswagen Passat78,20796,649-19.1%

68Chevrolet Camaro77,50286,297-10.2%

69Cadillac SRX68,85053,57828.5%

70Buick Encore67,54948,89238.2%

71Jeep Compass66,69861,2648.9%

72Dodge Challenger66,36551,61128.6%

73Volkswagen Golf65,30833,67593.9%

74Lexus ES64,96972,508-10.4%

75Chevrolet Sonic64,77593,518-30.7%

76Ford Fiesta64,45863,1922.0%

77Dodge Durango64,18664,398-0.3%

78Hyundai Tucson63,59147,30634.4%

79Chevrolet Express63,38279,352-20.1%

80Chevrolet Trax63,030739n/a

81Nissan Murano62,90747,30133.0%

82Nissan Frontier62,81774,323-15.5%

83Buick Enclave62,08162,300-0.4%

84Hyundai Accent61,48663,309-2.9%

85Jeep Renegade60,946n/a

86Subaru Legacy60,44752,27015.6%

87Toyota Avalon60,06367,183-10.6%

88Acura MDX58,20865,603-11.3%

89Mazda 657,89753,2248.8%

90BMW X554,99747,03116.9%

91Kia Sportage53,73942,94525.1%

92Chrysler 30053,10953,382-0.5%

93Honda Fit52,72459,340-11.1%

94Ford Transit Connect52,22143,21020.9%

95Audi Q552,00642,42022.6%

96Acura RDX51,02644,86513.7%

97Chevrolet Suburban50,86655,009-7.5%

98Ford E-Series50,788103,263-50.8%

99Mercedes E-Class49,73666,401-25.1%

100Ford Taurus48,81662,629-22.1%

Data source: Good Car Bad Car.

The Nissan Rogue sales were up 42%

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