Wednesday, 19 April 2017

VW Diesel Gate Poll Result

It ran for about a month and thousands of people came to the site. Eleven took the time or were interested enough to be part of the survey to leave their vote. Talk about passivity! Anyway in a funny sort of way it says a lot. The question was 'Is VW doing enough outside of the US to help customers?'

18% said VW was doing enough. They seem to be doing only as much as demanded by law in a country and if the country leaves it to VW to sort out, then the minimum fix happens. For some that is enough.

36% said they could do more. The question was not emphatic so it was a middle of the road choice. More should happen but not getting too strong on the point.

45% said no. This was for those who were clear on the issue. The sort who think that a company should do the right thing as far possible to see the innocent, loyal customer is not disadvantaged with their high ticket purchase.

Of course business exists to make money and the cost of sorting out years of cheating is huge. No one gives more away than they have to. The idealist would want it otherwise, the pragmatist accepts it won't happen. Justice may demand more but....

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