Monday, 1 May 2017

Car Sales France By Brand (Local) : 1974-79

The Simca/Chrysler/Talbot Horizon  

I would have liked to add more brands but as what I had was inconsistent, I went with what is basically French brands and 'Others' which is foreign makes. I may add more detail if I can find yearly figures for other brands.

Renault was well ahead back then with about a third of all French sales, easily outselling all imported brands combined. Peugeot lifted into second place in 1975 and was in the high teens as a percentage through this period. Citroën didn't fare quite so well, losing some share. Chrysler Europe which was basically Simca climbed in its share of the market from '74 to '78 but was unprofitable and was sold to PSA (Peugeot) in 1978. Sales dipped the following year. PSA then changed the name and they were called Talbot cars.

Chr Eur135,765133,106191,111180,031198,754156,513

The next in the series was 1980-84.
The final in the series was 2010-14.

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