Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Jaguar XE Reviews

I thought I would look around the Internet and see what reviewers were saying about the the new baby Jag. They were from the UK, Australia and many across Europe, where Google Translate came in helpful. What it showed me is you need to go and test drive one yourself, as the the reviews vary according to taste and bias.

The appearance of the car is generally well received, with a few saying the rear end is understated. The dashboard looks fine to me, while testers either liked it or felt it was uninspiring. One said the front seats were the best he had ever experienced. Rear seat room isn't class leading, neither the boot but more than adequate for most.

One thing that seemed to be agreed on was the drive. Some were impressed, while most raved about how good it was. It seems this now is the driver's car of the compact premium class, the benchmark. The praise centred around how the Jaguar people got the sporty drive spot on and still retained  a comfortable ride as well, a mix that is so elusive. The engine preferences came down to personal taste and the light aluminium body was appreciated with how it assists with fuel efficiency.

It's interesting how the reviews varied. Some were grudging in praise and quick to highlight any perceived shortcoming. Others were effusive in their praise. Some are happy to see that Jag has taken on a very competitive segment and come out with such an amazingly good car. Others don't want this upstart to succeed. And that's just the impression I got from the motoring journalists. I'm sure that sums up people generally, hence the suggestion for potential buyers to try the XE for themselves with a test drive. I can see a lot of smiling for those that do.

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