Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Toyota Mazda Partnership

Ever since Ford and Mazda divorced, I wondered how Mazda would survive. It simply isn't big enough. That said, it has done well with the resources it has. So I was wondering if Mazda formed another alliance, who would it be with? I never thought of Toyota as they already have one with Subaru.

The fuel sipping Skyactiv engine
So what can each car maker bring to the table? Toyota can offer its hydrogen fuel cell system and plug-in hybrid technology, in exchange for Mazda’s fuel-efficient Skyactiv engine technology. With Toyota cashed up and not so Mazda, I cannot help but feel that Mazda will gain security as well. While Mazda's Skyactiv did give the company fuel efficiency, car makers now have to go on to the next level, hybrids and alternative fuels. There was no way Mazda had the resources to get there.

Maybe Toyota can learn how to make more exciting cars from it's smaller partner. Also, how to do things more cost effectively. Mazda learnt to do that through necessity. I have long espoused cost efficiencies through cooperation and car makers have been reluctantly poking their toes in the water over this one. There is fear of losing technology and independence. This alliance shows such fears can be overcome where there is the need and mutual trust. The media presentation of this alliance showed mutual respect on both sides.

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