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Top 40 (Most of) Car Sales By Model UK : 2014

When you deal with the car industry, you soon realise how much better many could do in PR. Publicising sales and or production data is at times woefully inadequate. Renault is very open about global sales, perhaps more than any other car maker. It's partner Nissan is quite poor with international data in comparison. BMW and VW Group are quite good but Mercedes Benz is very much the opposite. British companies have always been slack in releasing dat,a but under Tata, JLR is better.

One could argue that commercially sensitive data has to be protected. However, unless it is extremely detailed it won't be giving anything away. What it will provide is public awareness and brand promotion if handled with skill.

Some manufacturers may feel a poor year is bad publicity, but it doesn't have to be. For example if sales are down, put a spin on it. I remember when BMW had to release a poor sales performance during the worldwide downturn, it said the decrease was in line with expectations. If the problem is because of a lull in new model releases, say so. If it due to pulling back on discounting, why not say?

Nissan is a very open UK car brand
when it comes to UK sales, and why not?
As for UK car sales by model, the SMMT do release some but they make a living selling data so understandably won't give out too much. Few manufacturers release anything and I assume there is nothing to stop them except for laziness or paranoia. Nissan and Toyota are the best I can find and Kia are OK. The rest are missing out.

Here are some I have for 2014. It isn't all the models, but the ones I could find with over 10,000 sales. There is a colour code to group models into a region or nation. The top ten sales and their combined percentage are at the bottom of the list.


1Ford Fiesta131,254

2Ford Focus85,140

3Vauxhall Corsa81,783

4VW Golf73,880

5Vauxhall Astra59,689

6Nissan Qashqai49,909

7VW Polo48,004

8Audi A345,581

9Fiat 50044,005

10Nissan Juke39,263

11BMW 3 Series38,649

12Mercedes C-Class31,525

13Vauxhall Insignia31,313

14Toyota Yaris31,160

15Vauxhall Zafira Tour31,092

16Mercedes E28,707

17Hyundai i1025,030

18Ford Kuga24,353

19Nissan Note23,309

20Audi A422,728

21VW Up!22,461

22Kia Sportage21,575

23BMW 5 Series21,511

24Skoda Octavia20,984

25Toyota Aygo20,620

26VW Passat19,658

27Citroen C4 Picasso19,164

28Toyota Auris19,109

29R Rover Evoque18,723

30Ford C-MAX18,350

31VW Tiguan16,954

32Hyundai ix3516,890

33Kia Picanto15,385

34Audi A615,055

35Nissan Micra15,010

36Suzuki Alto14,330

37Ford B-MAX13,691

38Jaguar XF13,646

39Kia C'eed13,189

40Kia Rio12,231

Top 10658,508

% of Total27.3


The Toyota Auris, here in Tourer guise

Data source for the above list: SMMT, Nissan, Toyota and Kia.

Food for thought:
Success is based on good product so letting the public have some data isn't going to change that.

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