Wednesday, 24 May 2017

VW Emissions Update

Anyone for a new VW car? I hope not

A few days ago I posted about alleged falsified emissions for VW Group diesel engines (it can be seen by clicking here), but under the broader subject matter of honesty. It's now clear to anyone not living under a rock that VW did indeed do wrong. They have admitted it and apologised. Anyone who loves cars must be disturbed. Anyone who loves VW products must be deeply affected.

It seems it goes far beyond the USA, where the falsification was discovered. About 11 million Volkswagen Group vehicles worldwide have diesel engines with software “irregularities”. The company has initially set aside 6.5 billion euros but that may end up being peanuts compared to what it will ultimately cost. In addition to paying for a massive recall, fines could - and must - add up to billions of euros. Then there may be criminal charges for VW executives.

Why take such a risk? Meeting those stricter exhaust emissions requirements means reduction in fuel efficiency and performance, making diesel powered cars less attractive. This cheating makes improves performance, while also still appearing cleaner environmentally. Many European countries have systems where the cost of purchasing and/or running the car is based on emissions. How much tax has been stolen from those countries? What about customers who find their car's value depreciates heavily as a result? Will owners now have to pay more tax to keep the vehicle on the road?

Large cities with pollution problems (causing premature death to citizens) and large numbers of VW Group diesel cars on their roads will be badly affected. It is sickening that anyone would think this was a way to conduct business. I hope other car makers didn't feel compelled to follow suit in order to remain competitive, if it was known by them.

I have never bought a VW product as I have always felt they are over rated. I can add to that VW's morally reprehensibility. In my disgust in what VW Group has done, I cannot see myself buying a VW, Audi, Škoda or SEAT (which are all involved in it) anytime soon.

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