Thursday, 22 June 2017

Biggest Car Maker In 2014

The Corolla is the mainstay of Toyota car sales

GM was always the top of the pile for the number of cars sold, well for almost 80 years when it took over from Ford. Then Toyota became the biggest in 2008, GM took it back in 2011 and then Toyota was the leader again in 2012 (read about it by clicking here). In 2014 there was a new contender, VW Group and it was touch and go as to came out the victor. Toyota is strong everywhere, but weakest in Europe and Latin America. VW relies heavily on Europe and China. GM is best in the Americas.

In the end Toyota sold 10.23 million to VW Group's 10.14 million and GM's 9.92 million. Already Toyota has said it expects to have a sales fall in 2015, effectively conceding it will lose the lead to VW Group. For car buyers, whether one leads of the other is of no concern, because they buy what they want. It comes down to the psychological battle between companies, their wanting to be the biggest.

Frankly, I am not sure Toyota wants to be fighting off a very aggressive VW Group. It conceded that in it's quest to be number one meant it took its eye off the ball with regard to reliability, the cornerstone of its success. Toyota now is more concerned with concentrating on itself, not who's biggest. VW for its part, will be quite happy to be the biggest and ahead of schedule.

The Golf is a key model for VW

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