Friday, 2 June 2017

Cadillac Global Production By Model : 2014

The data below is as accurate as I can get it and is good enough to be released. I wrote to Cadillac to ask if they could help to get it absolutely correct but no reply. While associations representing importers and the like will usually reply, manufacturers never do. They could just to say "We do not provide that sort of information, sorry. It is commercially sensitive". Come on, the competition already know. Still a reply is polite and who knows, I could be a 'Lac customer one day!

Cadillac made just over 235,000 units in 2014, a nice growth of 10.2% but the total should be better. GM wants Cadillac to rub shoulders with the likes of BMW and JLR in more markets. That needed to happen a few decades ago but it has to be done now.

These Cadillac model designations mean nothing to me and to many others that come here no doubt. So let's explain them. First the cars...

The XTS looks as American as apple pie, as it should

XTS: A large sedan that replaced both the DTS and STS (slightly smaller).

ATS: A compact sized sedan which replaced the BLS, a European Cadillac based on the Saab 9-3 and built in Sweden.

CTS: This sits between the above two as a medium sized car. It replaced the Catera, an Opel Omega model built in Germany.

ELR: I'm surprised that GM did this plug-in hybrid premium compact coupé as it never was going to be a big selling car but they would have done the maths.


1011121314Model2014%+ / -








Now for the SUVs...

SRX: The model is a mid sized SUV, that is by far the biggest selling vehicle for the marque.
The best selling 'Lac, accounting for 43% of all production

Escalade: This is a large SUV base on GMC/Chevrolet equivalent models. The ESV is a longer version and the EXT was a sports utility pick up variant.


1011121314Model2014%+ / -



33333Escal ESV10,8358.2%+50%

4444-Escal EXT


Data source: Cadillac.

Summary: Having done this article, I now know something about the marque myself. The increase in SUV production should give a hint of where future model expansion would do the most good. Cars will go well in China and there is plenty of potential in that nation. For most other markets, the SUV range will be more important.

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