Friday, 30 June 2017

Car Production UK By Model : 2013

The 2014 Qashqai. In US parlance it's a home run

Car production in the UK flies under the radar for many even in it's home nation. With few local brand names to identify with, and most British too apathetic to bother finding out about it, many are unaware of it's success. That reality of that is shown in production figures, where exports account for about 80% of the total and penetration of locally made cars in the UK market is less than 13%! Nice for the German and other car makers who benefit from such ignorance.
The third generation is here!
Below is a list of production, with 5,000 being the cut off. The Range Rover and Range Rover Sport combined is an accurate figure, but I have allocated production to each model by calculated estimate based on sales. Figures are rounded for clarity to the nearest hundred.
1NissanQashqai286,500New Model in 2014
2BMWMINI175,000New Model in 2014
3NissanJuke148,000Refreshed model in 2014
4ToyotaAuris142,600Hybrid and Tourer hot
5Land RoverEvoque127,300Popular as ever
6GM VauxAstra73,500New model in 2015
7HondaCRV72,000Solid performer
8Land RoverRR Sport59,000New model in demand
9NissanNote58,900New model selling well
10Land RoverFreelander57,600Still selling well
11JaguarXF47,300Keeps on going strongly
12Land RoverRange Rover45,100Very sought after
13Land RoverDiscovery42,900Has a loyal following
14HondaCivic41,800New Tourer now selling
15ToyotaAvensis36,700Where to from here?
16HondaJazz25,000UK production to end?
17JaguarXJ18,900Production up in 2013
18BentleyContinental10,000A record year
19JaguarF-Type9,500Not a full year. Hot!!
20NissanLeaf8,400Really taking off
21Land RoverDefender8,400Don't stop making them!

Success stories: 

Nissan is a stand out of what a well run company can do. It has used it's UK operation to spearhead an effective approach to Europe. 

Jaguar and Land Rover also have been well run with a 'hands off' approach by Tata. Production is commencing in China and soon in Brazil for LR, but that should have little effect on UK production.

Bentley numbers are small, but they are really good. 2014 will be similar to 2013 in production volume. The SUV will take Bentley to the next level. 

For goodness sake, throw me the keys someone

Room for improvement: 

Toyota is doing well with the Auris (Corolla really) but the Avensis segment isn't going well. Another model is needed, but it seems it will take a new direction when it arrives. 

Honda have models that are unique to Europe in the Civic Hatch and Tourer. It needs to get them out into the world.

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