Friday, 2 June 2017

Dacia Global Sales By Model : 2014

There is no doubt Dacia has done well under Renault. The 50,000 sales barrier was broken in 2003, to nearly half a million now. The figures below pertain to cars wearing the Dacia brand name. Many more are now sold with a Renault logo attached. The three biggest selling Dacia models all had strong increases. A 10% increase for total sales is a fine effort in a poor Euro zone.

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Data source: Renault.

Summary: The models are booming in emerging markets, but made in overseas factories and sold as Renault cars. Seeing as the Dacia brand is for Europe, I wonder if there is much increase for the marque itself. The product has been so good for the Renault Group as a whole and that is how to view it, in broader terms.

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