Thursday, 15 June 2017

Germany / UK Premium Marque Comparison 2014

It will always remain a rare sight in Germany

Both nations are big buyers of more expensive vehicles so this head to head has some interesting potential. Germany has BMW, Audi and Mercedes, while the UK offers Land Rovers and Jaguars while further down in the luxury area the UK is well represented. Loyalty will play a part on what sells where. The statistics come for the VDA and SMMT. Pale blue shows where the marque is more successful in the UK, and yellow Germany. With more cars sold in Germany to a ratio of 1: 1.23, that establishes which colour a marque is shaded.

Premium: The obvious conclusion is how buying follows where the brand is from. Jaguar and Land Rover sales are 4 times higher in the UK, so don't get too much German patronage. BMW and Audi are only 1.6 times stronger in Germany. Take away the 1.23 sales weighting and the gap isn't huge. German makes are more accepted in Britain. Of course, German brands have many more models so that would account for most of the variance.

For Japanese marques, Infiniti is slightly favoured one way and Lexus massively the other. It is hard to understand how a respected brand as Lexus sells so few cars in Germany. Is it poor marketing?

Brand Ger UK Diff

Lexus 1,328 11,572 0.11

Jaguar 4,229 18,401 0.23

Land Rover 14,679 56,200 0.26

Lotus 115 235 0.49

Alfa Romeo 3,391 5,523 0.61

MINI 33,183 53,661 0.62

Volvo 31,919 41,066 0.78

Maserati 1,103 1,194 0.92

Infiniti 1,015 746 1.36

BMW 238,253 148,878 1.60

Audi 259,459 158,987 1.63

Mercedes 272,566 124,419 2.19

Porsche 24,365 9,160 2.66

Luxury: Getting sales data for this sector is a challenge but a few can be compared. The UK is especially hard to find anything for, even the RR figure is an estimate for its home country. As it turns out, they all favour the UK but the sampling is too small to draw conclusions.

Brand Ger UK Diff

Rolls Royce 91 350 0.26

Bentley 413 1472 0.28

Aston Martin 279 864 0.32

Ferrari 652 675 0.97

These are a very common sight at home and even the UK too

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