Friday, 30 June 2017

Honda Civic & Toyota Auris Tourers

The Honda Civic and Toyota Auris Tourers are made for the European market. Hopefully they to be are exported beyond that. If I bought a new car, I would like a Auris Tourer (Corolla wagon) of Civic Tourer. Neither are currently sold in NZ and maybe too pricey if they were. Anyway, I asked each importer via email if they are likely to be.

Toyota NZ's reply came within a day:

Thank you for your email below regarding the Toyota Auris Tourer. 

We can confirm that Toyota New Zealand has no immediate plans to release the Toyota Auris Tourer in the near future. However, we are constantly assessing the demands for additional models for our New Zealand new vehicle range. 

Customer enquiries, such as yours, provide an excellent opportunity for us to continue to evaluate the products we offer and we wish to thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your interest. Please be assured we have passed your comments on to our Product Planning department.  

Unfortunately, if we did decide to introduce this model to the New Zealand market, all information and specifications would be deemed commercially sensitive until such time as the vehicle was launched to the press and public. 

Once again, thank you for your contact and for allowing us this opportunity to reply. 

Kind regards

There is a slight contradiction in the fact that there isn't a plan to import it, but they couldn't say if they were. However, as for the tone of the reply I would call that a lesson to any PR department in how to write to a potential customer.

The next day came Honda NZ's reply:

We do not divulge our future plans until we are ready to do so.

That's it. I am not joking. So who would you say I would likely to buy a car off? (Not a trick question). As you can see below, both cars are practical load carriers, yet would have car like handling. While crossover and SUVs seem the flavour presently, I see this sort of vehicle more appealing. 

Toyota Auris Tourer. Would it sell in North America?

Stylish and sporty, not that small either. A sensibly large cargo area, easy to access. This model also comes with a hybrid option, the one I would be keener on.

The Honda Civic Tourer. It could be sold in more countries I think

I like this idea. One or both rear seats lift up, while still retaining the boot space. Clever. A bike would fit across there too, with the front tyre removed. What's not to l

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