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Hyundai Sales By Model : 2001-05

The Elantra (Avante) from 2004

When I first saw Hyundai's sales data, I didn't even try to decipher it. It made me wonder why put such historical data out in some detail, then present it awkwardly. Did they not want people to analyse it? Eventually I gave in and simplified it. At time though, I wondered why I had started, but finally got there. The next thing was to present it here. I decided on the style below and only a few years at a time, as models are often changing.

Now for an explanation of what is there. The years are to the left, then comes a model (in either green or yellow), with company sales share in purple and sales in hundreds. Total sales are in thousands. The models are ranked according to 2005 year sales. The lowest selling models are not listed below.

As for models, this was hard as Hyundai use differing names in various regions and sometimes just the model letters. I hopefully sorted it out, but it was a challenge. The Avante it seems is also the Elantra, the Verna goes by Accent also. The Getz can be the Click, the Santro is the Atos as well and Grandr is the Grandeur but it didn't fit. Others to be shortened are the Tuscani (also Tiburon) and Terracan. In 2001 and 2002, many RVs were simply under one total (this would have included the Terracan and Galloper). The Visto realised 101,000 sales in 2001, but was gone by 2005. It is called a Kia model but generally included as a Hyundai, so I have but I am unsure of its precise situation. The Starex model is not included as it is classed as a van by Hyundai.

1 Avante2 Sonata3 Tucson4 Getz5 Verna6 Santro7 San Fe

8 Grandr9 Lavita10 Tusca11 Trajet12 Terrac13 EquusTotal

As for analysis, the growth from 1.3 million in 2002 to nearly 2.1 million by 2005 was phenomenal. A protected home market helped, but exports were strong too. New models were being added and the Tuscon sales jumped out of the blocks very quickly. During the same time, commercial vehicle sales were in the 230-300,000 mark, and didn't advance like passenger car/SUV sales did. Overall Hyundai really arrived on the world stage at this time.

The Tuscon was popular from the start
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