Friday, 30 June 2017

Italy Top Four Brands : 1960-69

Back in the 1960s, Italy was getting over World War II and starting to prosper. Car sales were rising and just about everyone was buying a Fiat car. I assume import duties made sure that the home brands were the value option.

Below in the chart we see that Fiat had about 3 in every 4 sales for much of the decade. The top four brands had a staggering 95% of the market in 1960, all of them local makes. In case you are wondering 'A R' is Alfa Romeo, 'Lan' Lancia, 'Aut' Autobianchi and 'Inn' Innocenti. The sales figures are in thousands. Fiat for example sold 851,000 in Italy in 1967.

The beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sport. I had one as a dinky car.

Autobianchi was part owned by Fiat, was a higher priced brand than Fiat, was used to test new features before they were introduced to Fiat models and - like Fiats - were small cars. It was eventually merged into Lancia. 

Innocenti made BMC cars under licence and they proved quite popular. However, when BL got into financial problems of its own, it eventually and understandably impacted on the brand.

1960Fiat29176A R4111Lan175Aut12395
1961Fiat34169A R5211Aut255Lan23590
1962Fiat42266A R477Aut244Lan23481
1963Fiat59563A R627VW515Aut35478
1964Fiat58370A R476VW293Aut27383
1965Fiat65574A R495Lan303Aut24385
1966Fiat75374A R495Inn353Lan32386
1967Fiat85173A R545Inn454Lan36385
1968Fiat79268A R666Inn514Aut45482
1969Fiat76563A R706Inn534Aut51477

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