Friday, 30 June 2017

Italy Top Four Brands : 1970-79

The Fiat 132 replaced the fine 125, but not quite as good a car.

Moving on from the 60's, things became more fluid as brands passed and were in turn overtaken again. Fiat's Autobianchi fell away through the decade, replaced by French brands and Ford. The top share share fell from 72 to 67% as Fiat lost its total dominance of the market. Renault supplanted Alfa Romeo in second while fourth became a sort of musical chairs party game.

The Fiat 128 was European car of the year in 1970.

Clearly Italian buyers supported local brands, but pressure was mounting from ever improving foreign makes. Some Fiat models were not as good as their predecessors either, which didn't help. 

Below we see the chart, which  shows sales in thousands.

1970Fiat76056Ford776Aut745A R68572
1971Fiat82257A R735Ford725Aut62472
1972Fiat80555A R856Aut834Sim68571
1973Fiat78154A R1249Aut806Ren67571
1974Fiat69054A R947Ren816Aut77674
1975Fiat51149A R979Ren676Aut59670
1976Fiat55347Ren958A R928Sim66668
1977Fiat59449Ren978A R807Ford71669
1978Fiat55046Ren968A R877Citr65567
1979Fiat64146Ren1219A R1068Ford71567

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