Friday, 30 June 2017

Italy Top Four Brands : 1980-89

The Lancia Prisma

Sales history of cars can be patchy. It can also vary if different sources are used to put a timeline of sales together. The sales I found changed dramatically form 1989 to 1990, as you will see when that is released in due course. It is put together with due diligence and the highest accuracy possible. Bearing that in mind....

The 1980's in Italy had a more settled feel to it. Renault was second for years, but then replaced by a resurgent Lancia thanks I believe to the Y10 model. Alfa Romeo fell away suffering financial problems and was bought by Fiat in 1986. It was then merged with Lancia.

The percentage of the top four on the extreme right column of the chart below remained relatively steady considering its fall in the previous two decades. The sales figures are in thousands.

1980Fiat65543Ren16010A R1087Citr80566
1981Fiat78043Ren17710Lan1146A R113665
1982Fiat75141Ren18610Lan1196A R107663
1983Fiat74447Ren16210Lan1328A R104772
1984Fiat74746Ren1469Lan1419A R120771
1988Fiat95644Lan21110Ren1557A R142767

The Renault 11

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