Friday, 23 June 2017

Jaguar Sales By Model & Region : 2014

The new XE coming to a dealer near you

Between 2009 and 2012, Jaguar sales meandered along at around the 50,000 mark. Then the F-Type was introduced, and China also started to take off. Between the two - but especially China - sales quickly climbed to over 80,000 in 2014.

However, to take the marque to another level, larger volume segments need to be entered. The smaller XE car and F-Pace crossover are coming in 2015 and 2016. A new XF also comes late 2015. That's a lot of renewal and expansion. That will keep the momentum going and Tata haven't spared Jaguar money to do what is needed.

The XF is coming up for replacement as mentioned, so to hold its sales is a credit to its classic design. The XJ is in a shrinking segment so a small decline is expected. The F-Type is going really well but capacity constraints mean it any future growth will be muted. The XK is ending, which will free up the factory to make more F-Types. There has been an upturn in sales as the XK is still a fresh looking design and those who want one get in while they can.

2014 Share 2013 Share +/-

XF 48,375 59% 47,422 62% 2%

XJ 18,348 23% 19,677 26% -7%

F-Type 11,506 14% 6,377 8% 80%

XK 3,341 4% 3,224 4% 4%

Total 81,570

2,014 Share 2013 Share +/-

Europe 28,878 35% 27,856 36% 4%

Asia/Pac 27,696 34% 22,772 30% 22%

Nth Amer 17,233 21% 18,215 24% -5%

Rest Wld 7,763 10% 7,858 10% -1%

Total 81,570 76,701 6%

Data source: Tata.

In the regions, it's Asia that is driving sales presently. Jaguar is still a small marque in the massive market that is China so the sky's the limit. Europe has kept growing with slight decrease in North America.

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